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    W2W 2022 Yearbook

    W2W 2022 Yearbook | Louisville, KY

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    The Luxury Bath

    IF THE KITCHEN IS THE HEART OF THE HOME, THE LUXURY BATHROOM IS CLEARLY THE SOUL. Today’s Luxury Bathroom has evolved to become a sumptuous spa-like space that offers Sanctuary, Wellness and Quietude. It also creates a sense of togetherness where life can be put on pause.

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    NKBA Thirty Under 30 Yearbook

    Celebrating the ten year anniversary of the Thirty Under 30 program.

  • The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) is a non-profit trade group that promotes professionalism in the kitchen and bath industry. Established in 1963 as a network of kitchen dealers, it has evolved into the premier association of designers, retailers, remodelers, manufacturers, distributors, fabricators, installers and other industry professionals.

    Today, the NKBA represents an unparalleled network of peers, tools and resources designed to support professional growth and business success.

    The association’s vision is a world in which everyone enjoys safe, beautiful and functional kitchen and bath spaces. Our mission is to help make it happen through the creation of marketplaces, networks, affiliations and certifications that raise the level of professionalism by inspiring, leading and empowering each member of our community.

    And, it all starts with you.